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Voila!! End of the year surprise!!
So this big project I've been working on for the whole year round. A tribute project to bermei.inazawa with respect to the 15th Anniversary of studioCampanella as of this winter comiket -- will be released on the 3rd day of Comiket89.

I worked as the producer for the tribute album, and also wrote T5 as the arranger and vocalist.

There's also the feature book (left side of the website) with lots and lots of eyecatching contents like interviews with bermei-san, Annabel and other Doujin personnels. Enjoy!!

2015.4.? (Recovered)

Those of you who have not idea what Guava Co is. You should. -- It's a new unit formed by me and takezou from Studio-Kurage.
This will be the new unit's debute album, featuring 8 full vocal tracks. Like what the title says, the concept is "case studies" and "moratorium", a term used by sociologist to refer to a period of adolescent identity crisis (blablabla...).
The stunning album art is by Sweden artist Marcus-Gunnar Pettersson.Thanks for answering our request. The CD won't look the same without this beautiful art.
All things aside, I believe those of you who enjoy music with a bit of spooky, jazzy and progressive accent will like it. Hope you do.


Just kicked off a new project called "f for folklore".
It's gonna be a series of covers of folk songs from the public domain and I'm releasing the first from the series this spring on M3.
Quite different taste from “f for fragility” but I hope you all'd like it :P
Another project I'm in for the spring is The 2nd album by Koszonto.
I'm doing concept design, lyrics, some coordination...mostly backstage works.
It's been a really great experience so far though. Can't wait to see it out there!

Here we stuffs for M3!
One is Fullkawa Honpo Tribute Album「Through the Lyrical-glass」with staffs all over Asia, lovely isn't it :)
And another one solo (the 1st one!)album! For more info:
「f for fragility」
BTW I'm going to Japan for the events this time...yes finally :P

Dandelion Trio site renovation! New album「Far East Seasonal Scenery」's website is also up with demo tracks.
Please seeDandelion Trio official sitefor more.

Work&Link renew。
I have participated in Studio-kurage's new album「The Minimal Evolutionary」 on M3.
Also a project has been started for the Earthquake.
Pray for Japan, play for Japan.

New in Work!
Quite a lot of things are up so please enjoy :)

Dandelion Trio's new album「Far East Dance Party Night」is now up with demos.
And!We're having some arrangers fron Japan and Taiwan this time!

Original CD+Art book「Eternità - A Distant World -」will be there on Comiket 78!
Please click the above promotional poster for more information.

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